Diabetes and the pH miracle diet

Diabetes is another major reason for death in the United States. Even more chilling, it is the first leading cause of death for children. The rising rates of obesity in this country also have led to rising rates of type II diabetes (also called adult-onset diabetes). Today, one in 12 adults are suffering from the disease. Which means that more than 16 million people have the disorder, with 6 million of them traveling undiagnosed and unaware of their sensitive insulin condition.

Type II diabetes is created by increased aging, being overweight, poor nutrition, high stress and physical inactivity. All of these circumstances can be traced back to one source…high acidity. Over-acid lifestyles and meals choices have negative effects on health, which is shown by the quickly increasing diabetes rates in the country.

Diabetes is an old disorder. It has been recognized about for hundreds of years and yet it is only today that it has become a crisis. Part of the problem is that the nature of diabetic is a mystery, even to educated adults. People don't realize what insulin does in the body and how the insulin metabolism affects the health. Even current medical science has some misconceptions about the true nature of the disorder.

For example, many within the medical establishment believe that being overweight is the reason for diabetes . However, being overweight is a result of increased consumption of complex carbohydrates and simple sugars. The high rate of consumption of these products (which are made from the acidifying foods of sugar and processed wheat) leads to high level of acidity in your body. The body attempts to deal with the increase of waste acids by using fat to neutralize the amount of acid. The fat is then stored as a protect the cells in the body.

Additionally, there is a belief that insulin is needed to regulate blood sugar levels in the bodies. The term “insulin dependent” was developed in the 1950s to create the impression that muscle and fat require insulin to take up glucose (the sugar created by eating high carbohydrate and sweet foods). However, current studies show that lots of different things in the body transport glucose. Cells require glucose for their cell respiration process. The body makes sure that the cells receive that, no matter how much insulin in percent.

Insulin resistance, which is a precursor to type II diabetes, is brought on through a highly acidic lifestyle and acidic food choices. It occurs in the liver, muscles and fat cells. Excess caffeine, chocolate, sugar and even carbohydrates stimulate these types of bodily organs and tissues. As the body is stimulated, the cells start to release their glucose and this leads to the elevated levels of blood sugar that people see when they do blood sugar examining. The body cells are disorganized and the highly acidic state can lead to a host of problems overcome including premature aging, high blood pressure, inhibition of the release of glycogen from the liver, and the inhibition of the burning of fat.

Over stimulation of the bodily tissues through acidic foods may cause a lot of damage, and type II diabetes is just a symptom of an acidic lifestyle. In order to bring the body back into balance, you must include alkalizing green vegetables, green drinks and good fats in your diet. Plant proteins from grains and legumes also help restore the body’s previous homeostasis. The pH miracle diet includes a balanced plan for eating with your body, instead of against it. With the application of the principles of the diet, controlling and preventing diabetes is a simple matter of alkalized eating and living.